Thursday, November 12, 2009

6 ways to get your writing humming

While its nice to have a lovely Letterbug to write copy for you, from time to time there's a good chance that you will either want to, or have to do some writing of your own.

Don't panic! If you take the following 6 things into account next time you sit down to write, I guarantee you will get a better result.

Here we go:

1. If you are writing about yourself or your business, its not just what you do that matters, it is why you do it better than the rest that sets you apart from the mob - so spell it out!

2. First impressions count - the electronic age means we're now more impatient than ever. You need to grab your reader's attention within the first few seconds by using some well chosen words to engage the reader.

3. Write the same way as you would talk. Techno jargon, biospeak etc. limits your ability to communicate and connect with readers. Personality on the other hand draws readers in. Its a bit like the Apple adverts with stiff, suit-wearing PC and cool, easy-going Mac.

4. Who are you writing for? You always need a target reader in mind. When writing, imagine you are talking to one potential customer. What would you say to them?

5. Stand out from the crowd and don't copy your competitors. It is far better to be fresh, unique and original.

6. Ditch any techo industry speak and use words that sell instead. As an expert in your field you might know what you mean, but chances are your readers may not.

So there you have it - 6 ways to get your writing humming a pretty tune. Remember them when you are next required to write something (anything!), and just go for it. You might really impress yourself! And if all else fails - you know where to find The Letterbug!!
Jen x

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  1. hey Jen,
    what happened to it's and its????
    oh and thanks for stopping by last was hot!!! hope you got lots of Chrissie shopping done


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