Saturday, June 19, 2010

Are you a Mumpreneur?

I wrote the following post back in August 2009, and given my recent nomination for the 2010 Ausmumpreneur Awards (Best Blog category) I thought it was worth reposting - just in case you missed it the first time. If you are a fan of The Letterbug maybe you'd like to vote for me too! I mean, if you're not busy or anything - you know, it might be cool. I never won that many prizes as a wee thing... Now is my chance to make up for that. It's no big deal. Really. Okay? But just vote so I can pretend not to care for a bit longer!! UPDATE: No need to vote!! An encouraging message is always welcome by way of a blog comment though (hint hint).

I love working with mumpreneurs - love it! Why? Because I get it, I know where mumpreneurs are at. I am right there with them, juggling two pre-school boys, a husband, job, laundry pile and so on.

I cannot overstate the importance of connecting with the people we choose to work with in business. As a copywriter, this connection enables me to truly collaborate with my clients on their copy projects. Our connection means I can't help but keep working until we are both deliriously happy with the final product.

Being a mum of two little people it seems that the connection with other mums in business is almost automatic, instinctive perhaps.

It takes effort, stamina, commitment and vision to be a mumpreneur, and if that is you right now I salute you. You go girl!

Now please excuse me while I go and extract the lego blocks I just watched Hatchling No.2 post into our sub-woofer speaker!

Jen x


  1. A beautiful post Jen.

    I could not work out how to vote? (sleepless-baby-fuzz-brain). Do I just need to email with another nomination?

    Best of luck.


  2. Forget voting! I don't think these awards work by public vote, oops! The excitement of being nominated was all too much - I assumed I needed votes!!

    You can always just leave me a comment HERE to say that you WOULD have voted for me, if this was a votin' kind of arrangement. Then I could read them and feel all smiley and happy 'n stuff... XX

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading have a talent dear...good luck from another mumpreneur Good Luck! xxx


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