Friday, July 24, 2009

Introducing Dot

Have I mentioned yet that decision making is not one of my strong suits? Well, its not.

For this reason the lovely ladybird in my logo has remained nameless for quite some time. Despite the loyalty and dedication she has displayed, she has no title, no given name, no surname. Shocking, I know.

Well, this beautiful bug has languished in anonymity for long enough. She now has a name - yes!

I am proud to introduce you to Dot.

The name Dot seemed appropriate on a number of levels, not the least of which is a family connection. Dot is my last remaining grandmother's name, and as a child I thought her name was, um... weird! It was a looong time before I realised Dot was short for Dorothy. My Grandmother is NOT a Dorothy, of that much I am sure. She is just Dot.

My Grandmother in her hey day was strong, fit, bright, and very practical. If she had any marbles left to rub together I think she'd be mostly disapproving of me honouring her name in a ladybird. But since her marbles left her quite some time ago I think she's now likely to be quite pleased!!

Dot the Ladybird has landed.

Jen x

PS: Special thanks to Lou at Lil' Rockers for helping with the decision making process.

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