Friday, August 28, 2009

Are you a Mumpreneur?

I love working with mumpreneurs - love it! Why? Because I get it, I know where mumpreneurs are at. I am right there with them, juggling two pre-school boys, a husband, job, laundry pile and so on.

I cannot overstate the importance of connecting with the people we choose to work with in business. As a copywriter, this connection enables me to truly collaborate with my clients on their copy projects. Our connection means I can't help but keep working until we are both deliriously happy with the final product.

Being a mum of two little people it seems that the connection with other mums in business is almost automatic, instinctive perhaps.

It takes effort, stamina, commitment and vision to be a mumpreneur, and if that is you right now I salute you. You go girl!

Now please excuse me while I go and extract the lego blocks I just watched Hatchling No.2 post into our sub-woofer speaker!

Jen x


  1. I'm right therith you on this one: most of my clients are mumpreneurs because we have a mutual understanding. If someone yells, 'mummy I need a poo' during a business call it is less awkward if you have someone else in a similar situation on the end of the phone. Mind you, not all the mums I work with like the term mumpreneur - have a look at this post ( on my blog and let me know what you think Jen!

  2. Hi Antonia, thanks for your comments - they got me thinking. Gee, I even had to go away and wash the dishes while I thought this through.

    The dilemma of whether to use the term 'Mumpreneur' or not has never been an issue for me, but its difficult to explain exactly why. Essentially, I've never looked at being a Mum as a negative in business. If anything it added a whole new dimension to me as a worker - it gave me a perspective that I don't think I could have found by any other means. For me there is no value judgement associated with the term.

    I see 'Mumpreneur' as just another way of saying 'working mums' or 'mums in business'. Lets face it, ALL mums work very hard - I guess the distinction is just whether they happen to make a living from the work they do.

    Perhaps I don't take myself as seriously as some, which is why I don't get too revved up by this kind of stuff!!!

  3. 31 yo mum of 6 here... amen to your blog! lol
    I think it's awesome that we live in the technological age when we have such easy access to the word via the net, and the freedom to create and manage whatever wonderful things we dream up!
    xx Georgie

  4. Mum with 9 here! I only work with mums on my site Love Mum and I totally agree who else would understand when your on a conference call and your kids start screaming or when your discovered milo all over the house! of course another mum!
    I love all the mums on my team! great blog!

  5. Mum of 6? Mum of 9? Georgie and Andrea surely you must earn bonus points for your commitment to populating the planet?! Wow!

    How do you find time to do anything? And what sort of car transports a family of that size?? xx

  6. ...and I thought I was doing my bit for the population with four! I am a 'mumpreneur' because it suits my lifestyle - if you can call it that. I have a chronically ill child and would be deemed unemployable due to the fact that only my husband or I can take care of the complex medical issues.


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