Monday, September 21, 2009

BUG BITS - Green Goat

Its not every day a green goat comes into your life, but that is exactly what happened to me only a few short weeks ago. I met the fun and lovely Mel Quick, founder of gorgeous online children's boutique - Green Goat!

One of Green Goat's stand out items is a range of simple, traditional toys that inspire creativity and also happen to be great fun to play with. As August/September is the time when many publications are putting together their Christmas edition (eek!) we wanted to highlight the joy of traditional toys, with a flavour of the festive season:

How many of us have watched our kids playing with wrapping paper instead of the gift that it contained??!! (I've got my hand up, by the way!)

To find out more about Green Goat click here.

As this press release is the first in our PR plan for 2009/10 you'll hear more about Green Goat here later in the year.

Jen x

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