Thursday, October 1, 2009

5 things this copywriter won't do...

Its been a while since I provided an overview of what The Letterbug can do, so if you'd like to know more click here.

I also want to tell you about what The Letterbug will NOT do. Sometimes you just have to draw the line, you know? Its not so much a matter of pride as an unrelenting desire to do my best work for clients (ie. you). Oh, and if you're looking for a copywriter, this list might assist with the process!
  1. I won't begin writing for you without a brief. Nope, sorry - no way. Now that doesn't mean you need to complete a questionnaire of epic proportions (unless you're into that kind of thing - I'm not), but a chat and a short briefing document provides an insight into your ideas and objectives for the project. Without a creative brief, how can a copywriter understand what you are trying to achieve?

  2. I won't be silent throughout the project, relying solely on absurdly long questionnaires as a substitute for talking things through. Hey, as the baby of my family - talking is almost as important to me as breathing. What can I say, I am a communicator!

  3. I won't do it my way - flexibility is everything. If your deadline is 7 days, then its 7 days. If you like email more than the phone - no problem! Inflexibility often amounts to a lack of empathy, which will limit a copywriter's connection with you and your target audience.

  4. I won't go AWOL. Its all about communication people! Your copywriter should be easy to reach and attentive to your emails and voicemails, responding promptly. Settling for anything less can lead you down the path of serious frustration.

  5. I won't work for you if I fail the ultimate test. Could you imagine hanging out with your copywriter over a beer/chardonnay/cosmopolitan/decaf soy latte?

So there you have it - 5 things The Letterbug won't do.

Collaboration is the key to successful marketing communications. Interaction between you and the copywriter should feel easy, with the writer asking relevant questions and taking care to understand your vision for the project. If you don't connect with one another, this could be tricky.

If you're considering a writer who WILL do any of the five things I have discussed, it might be best continue your search a little longer. You owe it to yourself. Finding the right copywriter will make the world of difference to your project. It will be the start of a great relationship and a sure fire way of getting a result you're happy with.

Jen x

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