Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dot's Giggle Spot #1

Dot the Ladybird likes to have a giggle from time to time, and nothing makes her laugh more than funny signs from all around the world.

Much like Dot, I also like to have a giggle at this kind of thing - check out this sign...

Hee hee (snort!) - I love it!

However, this sign does highlight the importance of proof reading our writing from an unsuspecting reader's point of view. Its worth making sure that our message is clear and not at risk of being misunderstood! Well, not unless that is your intention.

Dot's Giggle Spot will be a regular feature here at The Letterbug, so make sure you pop in again soon.

Jen x

Friday, July 24, 2009

Introducing Dot

Have I mentioned yet that decision making is not one of my strong suits? Well, its not.

For this reason the lovely ladybird in my logo has remained nameless for quite some time. Despite the loyalty and dedication she has displayed, she has no title, no given name, no surname. Shocking, I know.

Well, this beautiful bug has languished in anonymity for long enough. She now has a name - yes!

I am proud to introduce you to Dot.

The name Dot seemed appropriate on a number of levels, not the least of which is a family connection. Dot is my last remaining grandmother's name, and as a child I thought her name was, um... weird! It was a looong time before I realised Dot was short for Dorothy. My Grandmother is NOT a Dorothy, of that much I am sure. She is just Dot.

My Grandmother in her hey day was strong, fit, bright, and very practical. If she had any marbles left to rub together I think she'd be mostly disapproving of me honouring her name in a ladybird. But since her marbles left her quite some time ago I think she's now likely to be quite pleased!!

Dot the Ladybird has landed.

Jen x

PS: Special thanks to Lou at Lil' Rockers for helping with the decision making process.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

BUG BITS - Cloth Poppy

I recently had the pleasure of working on a press release for Leesa Cowan at the lovely Cloth Poppy. Leesa's country roots made the perfect backdrop for a piece about her beautiful, whimsical range of children's clothing.

I love Cloth Poppy's style and would happily fill my kid's wardrobes with Leesa's beautiful 'tea party skirts' - except that I have two boys and I am pretty sure they wouldn't dig them as much as I do. Sigh...

Here is a snippet of what we produced for Cloth Poppy:

For more details about Cloth Poppy click here.

I wonder if Leesa has considered making tea party skirts for grown ups yet? Hmmm....

Jen x

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What can The Letterbug do?

As a copywriter I undertake all sorts of writing projects, including copy for...
  • websites

  • promotional materials

  • press releases

  • letters

...and the list goes on!

Essentially, regardless of the document being produced I create copy that is clear, easy to understand, flows well, and communicates the desired message.

For some projects I come up with the creative 'angle', while other times my clients have their own ideas that they want me to bring to life. I enjoy both scenarios, and ultimately each project is a collaboration between my client and me.

I plan to share my work with you where I can, so watch this space!

Jen x

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Letterbug Pegs!

As I dashed into the supermarket last night for milk, something caught my eye...

What was I expected to do - leave them there?

Aren't they the cutest little Letterbug pegs ever to exist? I have no idea how to use them, so I invite you to leave me any creative suggestions.

I might not know what to do with these little lovelies, but Lordy I am glad they are mine!

Jen x

Monday, July 13, 2009

Who is The Letterbug anyway?

Who is The Letterbug? Its me!

My name is Jenny and The Letterbug is my copywriting business. I am in my early 30's, married, and have two gorgeous boys aged 1 and 3 - my 'Hatchlings'.

A bit like a ladybird, I love being in our garden, I am a 'worker' by nature, and I like pretty things. Unlike the ladybird I do not enjoy eating aphids and other garden pests - blech!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Welcome to The Letterbug

Hi there.

Welcome to The Letterbug.

My name is Jenny, and for the longest time I have loved writing. In fact, while The Letterbug is in its early days, I have been writing for 29 years. Eeeek! Yes, its 29 years since my prep teacher, Mrs Wild, taught me how to write and I've never looked back.

I have worked for many years in an industry where using the right words means everything. I enjoy the challenge of putting together carefully crafted copy that conveys just the right message. With a strong sales background I understand the impact using the right words can have.

Along the way I have assisted friends and colleagues with many and varied writing projects, and I have finally decided to make the leap.

The Letterbug has landed! A copywriting service, by me.

I love painting pictures with words.
I love getting the right sound, good rhythm and the right tone.
I love reading the fabulous work of other writers.

I also love watching my three year old son try to write his name.

I am the mother of two young boys, aged 1 and 3. You will come to know them as 'The Hatchlings' here at The Letterbug. I also have a wonderful husband who is currently spending plenty of quality time with the t.v while I work feverishly to launch The Letterbug.

I love my house full of boys and couldn't do any of this without them.

You will find a scrapbook of Letterbug projects and other bits and pieces at The Letterbug.

See you soon,

Jen x

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