Monday, January 18, 2010

Bug Bits - Alipants

It is always a blast to write a press release for a client and then have them report back on the success they've had with it. It warms my insides and brings my happy face out in full colour!

I recently worked on a press release with Alison from Alipants (the cutest name!) - supplier of modern cloth nappies to the breathtaking Macedon Ranges area and beyond. We wanted to let everyone know that Alipants has arrived, and highlight modern cloth nappies as an eco-friendly and cost effective alternative to disposable nappies.

Take a look...

To learn more about Alipants please click here.

The Alipants press release has generated some valuable e-newsletter and blog coverage with key targets, and now a number of magazines are looking to feature Alipants in their next issue - hooray!

It just goes to show how important PR activity can be to your business, and what you might be missing out on by not giving PR the attention it deserves. Find a few minutes to take stock of your own PR strategy - are you giving your business the best chance of success?


Jen x

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