Thursday, August 26, 2010

BUG BITS - Little Elk

I'm back!

Like the builder who never manages to do any work to his own house, I have recently been a very naughty and neglectful little Letterbug when it comes to this blog. The good news is that I have been a busy bee on all sorts of interesting writing projects for lots of lovely clients. And now I'm going to get back to telling you about them...

Not so long ago I crossed paths with an exciting new online business called Little Elk. Sally from Little Elk is set to share beautiful, timeless treasures that she has sourced from all over the world. The first of her wonderful discoveries is a range of super-cool kid's gumboots - a highly necessary wardrobe item in Melbourne this winter!!

Sally asked me to write an introductory press release for Little Elk. Here's what we put together:

The joy of working with Sally was her clear vision for Little Elk. Many business owners struggle to define their business. What do they stand for? Who are they targeting? Why are they even in business? Hopefully these sound like pretty straight forward questions to you if you are already in business. But if they don't, it might be time to put your thinking cap on.

Clear business focus cannot be underestimated. I love helping clients to get some 20:20 vision on their business, and I also love working with clients (like Sally) whose vision is already crystal clear.

For more information about Little Elk and their gorgeous gumboots click here.

Jen x

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