Thursday, September 2, 2010

5 Questions @ The Letterbug: Carla Hazzard - Habitat baby

As a copywriter/wife/mum/sister/daughter/friend, I get asked a lot of questions. My two gorgeous Hatchlings are aged 2 and 4 years old, so asking questions is one of their favourite hobbies. So from time to time I like to hurl a few questions around too, just to even the score a little bit!

A few wintery weeks ago I launched 5 super-tricky questions at the lovely Carla Hazzard from Habitat Baby. She swiftly fired her responses straight back at me.

We both took a breath.

And then we went back to whatever it was we were doing before these 5 Questions @ The Letterbug ever happened. Take a look:

1. What is your favourite thing about winter?

Unwinding with a glass of red in front of the fire, not that I need any excuse for the red (maybe the fire though!).

2. Do your Habitat Baby activities change during the cold months or does business remain fairly consistent throughout the year?

Fairly consistent throughout the year. Having said that November/December are a little busier. Not sure if that has something to do with people wanting to redecorate their rooms for Christmas visitors?

3. Do you have a favourite Habitat Baby product that you can't stop talking about at the moment? Which one and why?

I am incredibly passionate and proud of everything in my two new ranges! But if I had to single out one item, I would have to say the Geo handmade wool rug....its soooo stylish (if I say so myself!).

4. What was the most useful piece of business advice you received when you were setting up Habitat Baby?

It seems really obvious, but do something that you are passionate about. Being really passionate about your products will keep you motivated. Also, I think it is really important to find someone who is business minded that you can bounce ideas off, vent and get support. I have a wonderful friend that I tend to annoy with my ideas, but its nice to get a neutral opinion before you launch with half baked ideas!

5. In a perfect world, would you deal with winter by:

a. escaping to a warm, tropical destintation?
b. Whipping on your ugg boots and snuggling up with a hot chocolate in front of the fire?
c. Launching yourself off a steep snowy inclines with all the other snow bunnies?
d. None of the above, instead I would....?

Definitely C - not sure of the steep inclines though as my skiing is a little rusty! My husband and I are taking the three kids to Canada for Christmas 2012 so I'm busily arranging that at the moment. Can't wait!!

Thanks Carla, you're such a good sport!

Please take a look at Habitat Baby's beautiful new linen range at immediately, if not sooner. You'll be glad you did!

Jen x

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