Friday, January 27, 2012

BUG BITS - The Letterbug writes for real estate!

I have always loved interior design, and adore looking at people's houses. During high school I had a thing for designing houses. I would sit at the kitchen table with my ruler and a trusty HB pencil and create floorplans of my 'dream home'. Mum kindly built a house when I was about 17, which thrust my designing activities into super-turbo-charged-overdrive.


So you can imagine how giddy with excitement I was when in 2010 I began writing for real estate. My passion for houses is now indulged every single week. Yes, nowadays my working week is dominated by real estate projects. And. I. Love. It!



Of course I still write for an array of other industries, and I love a creative challenge.


It's all good, people!

Jen x


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