Monday, February 15, 2010

BUG BITS - Habitat Baby

Just before Christmas I worked on a media kit with Carla at Habitat Baby and Prue at Gigi & Lulu. It was a fun project - Carla's quilts and bedding are just SO beautiful.

And stylish.

And stylishly beautiful. And beautifully stylish!

For the media kit I wrote a bio page and a press release about Carla and Habitat Baby. Here is a snippety-snip from the bio page:

For more information about Habitat Baby you can visit

To see the finished media kit at the Gigi & Lulu website click here. You want to see it, I promise - it really is too cute for words.

Copywriting is such a joy with clients like Habitat Baby to be inspired by. Thanks Carla!!

Jen x

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