Thursday, March 25, 2010

5 Questions @ The Letterbug: Amelia Singh - Bambooty

I recently hurled a series of questions straight at Amelia Singh, the smiling face behind Bambooty. My arm was strong and my aim was straight - it was all in the name of:

5 Questions @ The Letterbug - (it's back, hooray!)

In traditional style, my questions were tough. These were hard hitting, thought provoking, tricky-dicky questions. Amelia stepped up to the plate with confidence, and I am pleased to say she batted every question out of the park.

Here is what happened:

1. What is your favourite: dark, white or milk chocolate?

Dark chocolate is an essential ingredient of any balanced diet, no?

2. What are you and the family doing this Easter break?

Spending it with extended family from all over the globe who are in town for my sister's wedding. It's going to be one of my best ever.

3. What have you learnt from your children that helps you with Bambooty?

There are more important things than nappies and try to remain calm at all times.

4. What advice would you offer an aspiring business owner based on your experience of establishing Bambooty?

Everything takes longer than you expect and often costs more than you expect too.

5. At Easter time, do you:
a. Eat every morsel of chocolate before sundown on Easter Sunday?
b. Hoard your easter eggs and then flaunt them weeks after everyone else finished theirs?

c. Neither, instead I…

I pick C. Instead I have my daily dose of dark chocolate before breakfast, sharing it with my 2 girls :)

A big thank you to Amelia for taking some precious time out from her Bambootying to participate in this frivolity.

To learn more about Bambooty and the revolutionary world of modern cloth nappies, click here. It is possibly one of the cutest ways you can help save our planet!

Jen x

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