Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grammar on the porch #5

Is it just me or do high school English classes slide further and further away with every year? Thank goodness we have "Grammar on the Porch". Good old Grammar loves to visit The Letterbug from time to time for a nice cup of tea and a natter about the English language. She knows you know - really she does. But just in case...

Image kindly supplied by Toni Grote - visit to see more of her beautiful artwork.

Good afternoon dears, Grammar here. It is lovely to be back on the porch on such a lovely warm afternoon. Mind you, this unexpected heat is rather unsettling for my little Kitty-Cats. Only last week they were lining up for electric blankets and wood heaters to spring into action. Oh well, I guess that's the way lady luck dances. Hehehe...

Now Grammar doesn't like to be snippy, but the following grammatical pitfall is frightfully COMMON, and so SIMPLE that very few of Grammar's words are required.

A lot.

Meaning very many, a large number; also, very much.

For example:
  • A lot of people think Grammar's legs are rather foxy for an 82 year old lady, or
  • Sad movies always made Beryl cry a lot.

Please dears, Grammar begs you to remember the following rule of thumb: a lot is two words, not one.

And there is most certainly no such word as alot!

Lovely, that's better.

Now then, let's tuck into a delightful brandy snap with our pot of Earl Grey, I'll have mine weak, no sugar, and just a tiny hint of......

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