Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Special Delivery: Love Paper Scissors

When a large parcel arrives on my doorstep it is no ordinary day. So when an especially large parcel arrived last week with my name on it I was VERY excited.
I leapt to my feet when the doorbell rang, threw open the door, gave the postman a wave and a cheesy grin, then slipped inside to investigate. With my trusty scissors I carefully began extracting the contents of this parcel from its packaging...
And here's what I found:

Something VERY beautiful from Chelsie at Love Paper Scissors, with a sweet sweet card to go with it.
I sat and admired her work for a loooong time, before deciding that the only place for this was my bedroom wall. So that is where I put it!

Twenty five butterflies made from Japanese chiyogami paper, hand cut and arranged in this frame to make "The Collector - Butterflies".

My bedroom has never felt more complete - thanks Chelsie!

Jen x

PS: For more information about Love Paper Scissors, and 'Bug Art' by Chelsie Sharp, click


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