Thursday, March 25, 2010

5 Questions @ The Letterbug: Amelia Singh - Bambooty

I recently hurled a series of questions straight at Amelia Singh, the smiling face behind Bambooty. My arm was strong and my aim was straight - it was all in the name of:

5 Questions @ The Letterbug - (it's back, hooray!)

In traditional style, my questions were tough. These were hard hitting, thought provoking, tricky-dicky questions. Amelia stepped up to the plate with confidence, and I am pleased to say she batted every question out of the park.

Here is what happened:

1. What is your favourite: dark, white or milk chocolate?

Dark chocolate is an essential ingredient of any balanced diet, no?

2. What are you and the family doing this Easter break?

Spending it with extended family from all over the globe who are in town for my sister's wedding. It's going to be one of my best ever.

3. What have you learnt from your children that helps you with Bambooty?

There are more important things than nappies and try to remain calm at all times.

4. What advice would you offer an aspiring business owner based on your experience of establishing Bambooty?

Everything takes longer than you expect and often costs more than you expect too.

5. At Easter time, do you:
a. Eat every morsel of chocolate before sundown on Easter Sunday?
b. Hoard your easter eggs and then flaunt them weeks after everyone else finished theirs?

c. Neither, instead I…

I pick C. Instead I have my daily dose of dark chocolate before breakfast, sharing it with my 2 girls :)

A big thank you to Amelia for taking some precious time out from her Bambootying to participate in this frivolity.

To learn more about Bambooty and the revolutionary world of modern cloth nappies, click here. It is possibly one of the cutest ways you can help save our planet!

Jen x

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BUG BITS - Victorian Touch Football Association

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

The Letterbug recently metamorphosed into a "Sports Reporter" when I completed a project for Touch Football Victoria. I wrote an article about their upcoming appearance at the National Touch League competition - a major event in Australia's Touch Football calendar.

With next to no knowledge of the game, I was fortunate to be guided by Touch Football Victoria's Regional Manager, Michael Lovett. What a hard working and extremely patient creature he is! Some input from the team coaches guided me along the way, and the job was completed in a jiffy. (This is always a bonus when there is a deadline - and it's tight!)

Here is a snippet for you to read:

I love the fact that this project stretched me to write about an unfamiliar topic, and it proves that a little bit of quality research can go a long way.

To learn more about Touch Football Victoria, click here.

Thanks for the opportunity Mick, I look forward to putting on my 'hard hitting sports reporter' hat for you again some time soon!

Jen x

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grammar on the porch #5

Is it just me or do high school English classes slide further and further away with every year? Thank goodness we have "Grammar on the Porch". Good old Grammar loves to visit The Letterbug from time to time for a nice cup of tea and a natter about the English language. She knows you know - really she does. But just in case...

Image kindly supplied by Toni Grote - visit to see more of her beautiful artwork.

Good afternoon dears, Grammar here. It is lovely to be back on the porch on such a lovely warm afternoon. Mind you, this unexpected heat is rather unsettling for my little Kitty-Cats. Only last week they were lining up for electric blankets and wood heaters to spring into action. Oh well, I guess that's the way lady luck dances. Hehehe...

Now Grammar doesn't like to be snippy, but the following grammatical pitfall is frightfully COMMON, and so SIMPLE that very few of Grammar's words are required.

A lot.

Meaning very many, a large number; also, very much.

For example:
  • A lot of people think Grammar's legs are rather foxy for an 82 year old lady, or
  • Sad movies always made Beryl cry a lot.

Please dears, Grammar begs you to remember the following rule of thumb: a lot is two words, not one.

And there is most certainly no such word as alot!

Lovely, that's better.

Now then, let's tuck into a delightful brandy snap with our pot of Earl Grey, I'll have mine weak, no sugar, and just a tiny hint of......

Sunday, March 7, 2010

BUG BITS - Little Maison

Launching a new website is always so exciting. Congratulations Leah, on the successful launch of Little Maison - hooray!

Leah came to The Letterbug for assistance with her 'About Us' page. It seems that the 'About Us' page can be one of the toughest for business owners to write for themselves, yet it is one of my favourites tasks. With a project brief and a rough concept for the page, I took to the keyboard. Here is a snippet of the final copy:

For more information about Little Maison and their wonderfully stylish children's decor solutions, click here.

You can also find other examples of web copy by The Letterbug by clicking here.

Jen x

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Special Delivery: Love Paper Scissors

When a large parcel arrives on my doorstep it is no ordinary day. So when an especially large parcel arrived last week with my name on it I was VERY excited.
I leapt to my feet when the doorbell rang, threw open the door, gave the postman a wave and a cheesy grin, then slipped inside to investigate. With my trusty scissors I carefully began extracting the contents of this parcel from its packaging...
And here's what I found:

Something VERY beautiful from Chelsie at Love Paper Scissors, with a sweet sweet card to go with it.
I sat and admired her work for a loooong time, before deciding that the only place for this was my bedroom wall. So that is where I put it!

Twenty five butterflies made from Japanese chiyogami paper, hand cut and arranged in this frame to make "The Collector - Butterflies".

My bedroom has never felt more complete - thanks Chelsie!

Jen x

PS: For more information about Love Paper Scissors, and 'Bug Art' by Chelsie Sharp, click
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