Friday, July 16, 2010

BUG BITS - Splendid Days

When Union Jack and I got married, our reception was held in a cosy, sparkly, ever-so-slightly-sloping marquee in my big sister's garden. I love nature far more than formality, and I had too many overseas guests staying in my house to start sweating the small stuff - so to me it was perfect.

Ever since that warm February evening six and a half years ago, I have had a soft spot for marquee weddings. The atmosphere in a marquee has an intangible quality that I simply love. So what a truly splendid time I have had recently, when I was lucky enough to work with Grainne Bartholemew, co-founder of the most beautiful luxury marquee hire company ever to come my way - Splendid Days.

There were a number of elements to this project, including proof-reading and editing web copy, writing a press release, editing a sales brochure and writing a promotional email for prospective venue suppliers.

Here is a snip snip of the promotional email:

For more information about the stylish and sophisticated Splendid Days, click here.

How much time do you spend on drafting important emails? Do you spend hours producing a first class press release only to shoot it out to the press with a rushed email message?


First impressions count! When communicating with clients (existing or potential), give yourself every chance of success by allowing time to consider your email messages in the same way as you would the documents attached.

Read what you have written OUT LOUD before you hit the 'Send' button. You'll be amazed how many errors you can pick up this way.

Jen x

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