Monday, July 5, 2010

A very special friend of mine has a new baby. No, not the kind that kind of baby! This baby is a bright shiny new business that she has been working hard to create over recent months.

And it is awesome!

P for Printables is a website that sells beautiful, printable pictures that you can download, stick into a frame and hang on your wall.

Or you could use the picture for a birthday invitation.
Or wrapping paper.
Or to make a card.
Or you could laminate it and use it as a kid's placemat. (My Hatchlings just luuurve their personalised placemats. And when they get a bit 'tired' we just make new placemats with a different theme!)

The possibilities are endless for these gorgeous printables, and I just know that P for Printables is destined for big things.

Congratulations Prue!

Jen x

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