Friday, July 30, 2010

What do The Letterbug's clients have to say?

It's always weird when you hear people talking about you, isn't it? But in the spirit of sharing I thought it was about time I posted some testimonials about The Letterbug from some of my gorgeous clients...

Thank you Jenny, for all your help and encouragement. You have taken what would have cost me days of procrastination and turned it into a delightful little experience with speedy turn around times. It is SO much easier to have somebody else write about Little Bird instead of me (thank you!). And thanks for the gentle 'shove' as well! I really couldn't have done it without your help... and I find myself smiling every time I hear from you.Magical wishes. Pru x.

Pru Trundle, Little Bird Photography

As a Graphic Designer, to receive perfect copy ready for artwork placement is the best and nobody does it better than Jenny. I recommend her to all my ‘copy-less’ clients and she never lets me down.

Prue Walstab, Gigi and Lulu

Jenny is simply the wordsmith everybody needs, and has become a huge asset to me and my business. I enjoy creative writing, but I find it time consuming, and when you juggle so many hats in running a small business it is one of those tasks that is best to be outsourced.

I thought all my Christmases had come at once when I found Jenny. Not only has she provided me with killer successful press releases, creative wording for brochures, new taglines and advertising blurbs, she has also come along to help me at a trade show! Jenny’ works quickly and efficiently and each time she hits the mark with the job.

- Lisa Koba, Cheeky Little Soles

Jenny was an absolute dream to work with! Being a blogger, I know how to write about weddings but selling myself? That is something I am horrible at! Jenny helped take what was in my head and translate it to an easy to understand format for our existing and potential advertisers. Her quick turn around time, sass and charm will definately have me turn to Jenny when I am next in a pickle!

- Ms Polka, Polka Dot Bride

Aw shucks guys, I love you too!

Jen x

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